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The North American Crafters, inc. journey began in 197 when 

I drove to Tijuana from Walnut, Calif looking for people to tie macrame' plant hangers.  This is me with my grandmother who was wishing me luck!

Serendipity brought me to the neighborhood called Colonia Gran Tenochtitlan shown. Macrame' was the first 

product produced by 

North American Crafters. 

As with all fads, macrame went out of style and was replaced by hand painting on wood in 1983.  This became the 2nd product of North American Crafters, Inc. producing 156,000 plaques per month. 

17  hand painted plaque cottage program.jpeg
Screen Shot 2023-01-14 at 11.42.38 PM.png

In 2003 we switched gears to custom iron work focusing on fabricating for other blacksmith shops in the US and Canada as IOI.  We are a member of NOMMA, an organization for the elite ironworkers.  Membership is by invitation only :-)

Industry Ornamental Iron is focused on providing the highest quality ironworking.  50 years experience manufacturing in Mexico says a lot.

1.1 creating (1).jpg
finishing (2).jpg
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