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Favorite Estate Gates we have made over the years!         select image to enlarge

replication of a 1915 solid steel gate 

for a fellow fabricator from Chicago

2,000 lbs when complete!

Gate Systems Corp..jpg
geroges restoration gate.jpeg

For an industry member in Nashville

I believe the client is a Country Singer

1- con molde encima.jpg
frankies drawing copy.jpg

An 11 foot tall estate gate for Frankie Dacus 

of Dacus Fence in Jonesboro.  We have been 

working together long enough to where sketches

are plenty to work from.  Nothing is laid on!  

The arch in the middle made it a challenge!

Frankie designed one of my favorites!

Hunt Gate.jpg
pool gate.jpg

A pool gate.  I would love to see

the pool!  13' feet tall of 

solid steel.

This job was given to our 

most talented team!

show gate.jpg

I think you understand now that in steel our teams talents run deep and are available for you

whenever needed at rates which will leave you room for good profits.  

SC7 copy.jpg

This photo was sent to us by an industry member to make for one of their clients.  

While making their clients rendition, we made one for a convention (shown left).  

Later we heard it had been  designed by a fellow NOMMA member who won an award!